comodo firewall ? can some 1 help

hi every 1 ive just installed the comodo free basic firewall not the cis full suite just the basic firewall. and i was wondering is this set up right 2 start with. ive got 0 inbound connections and outbound the figures just keep going up and down. defense security says safe also firewall security i have that on safe as well. and sandbox is enabled is all this ok the way i have it had to make sure be on safe side. im running windows 7 the built in firewall there is disabled ive done that as i know u cant have 2 fw running.

I dont understand very well what is the question but if you didnt change anything the default settings should be ok.

If you use P2P software read this:

all i changed was the stealth setting to do with peer to peer i just clicked that. also im only getting outbound traffic no inbound is that right and firewall security is on safe mode as is defense and security as well.

Are you using CIS 5?

If you click in the number of inbound connections you will see the Active connections.
So only when a connection is really active will increase the number.

So your config is OK and eventually you will see something different to 0 in inbound connections, right now I have 1, 2, or 0 almost all the time.

no im only useing the basic free firewall not cis

Its ok, the firewall, D+, and the sandbox are protecting you correctly.