Comodo Firewall blocks Webcam FTP uploads

headscratcher ???

Any other security software on PC?
What did you remove to install CIS?


In that case, you probably don’t mind resetting your Configuration…?

As a last resort, you could try resetting your Configuration by changing it to something like ‘Proactive Security’, then instantly changing it back to what ever it is now. Put it straight into ‘Training Mode’ for both the ‘Defense+’ and the ‘Firewall’, then see if things work from there.

But before trying that, wait to see what others suggest. Someone may spot something yet.

If resetting your Configuration has no effect, you may want to reinstall CIS, put it straight into ‘Training Mode’ for both the ‘Defense+’ and the ‘Firewall’, then see if things work from there. And don’t Quarantine the MagicJack File! :slight_smile:

Other than that, I’m stumped…

Before trying my Two ideas, wait to see what the others suggest! :-TU

Ummm…yeah…me too. I have Avast antivirus, and had removed Zone Alarm with Revo Uninstaller to get rid of all the stuff it left behind. I had Avast disabled while trying to figure out this problem…my understanding was that it was compatible. I also had the CIS Antivrus disabled.

Pagosa Joe

Don’t mind trying anything…a fresh install was my next thought. And if it comes to that, I’ll follow the suggestions you’ve made…I may even go back to square one and reinstall Webcam First…something ain’t happy, least of all me. :wink:

THANK YOU for staying with me…



Two ‘Real-time AVs’ installed = Not Good.

Revo Uninstaller may have messed up the removal of Zone Alarm, though I’m not sure about this. I know some people have had problems removing Zone Alarm before. You may wish to Search these Forums for more info’ on removing Zone Alarm.

Could you run this utility just fer poos n giggles.

And then… still thinking…

With your cam unit connected Firewall in training Mode, D+in Training Mode… Reboot.

Let’s see if it works. or fails in training mode.

Next time you install CIS, if you are keeping Avast! installed, I would suggest you Untick the ‘Comodo Antivirus’ Option during the installation. Otherwise they will more than likely conflict with each other.

I like using ‘Revo Uninstaller’ too. But when it comes to removing Security applications, or other applications that embed themselves Rootkit style, I would recommend using the normal ‘uninstaller’… Or a special tool like what Bad Frogger’s found for you. :slight_smile:

Well…the CPES program crashed the PC and had to reboot. I’m thinking that I need to let you folks have a glas of wine and relax…I think I’m going to remove CIS, Avast and then reinstall Webcam First and CIS…getting to be a bigger problem than I had anticipated.

THANK YOU for all the help…I’m off to find that glass o’wine too…

Pagosa Joe