Comodo Firewall blocks PS3 Media Server

Hello, i am using the Free Version of Comodo Firewall. And i am using PS3 Media Server on my PC so that it connects over my Router to my XBox360.

Somehow Comodo Firewall is blocking the PS3 Media Server. Only when i change in the Gaming Modus (Comodo Firewall), my XBox360 can connect to my PC. There comes no Pop-Up Window for allowing. And when i open up Comodo Firewall, i can’t find a way to allow the PS3 Media Server.

Somebody got a solution?

There should be a rule blocking it in either “Application Rules” or “Global Rules”. If you don’t see it, I expect the logs might provide some clues.

In the Firewall Settings area, what is your Pop up Alert frequency set to?
And what’s the Firewall mode (Custom Policy, Safe mode, Training, etc)?

Funny, now it works. Its in the “Training-Modus” (Firewall is in German). When it doesn’t work again, then i will write here again.

Training mode allows all traffic, it’s not a mode I’d recommend setting your firewall too for every day usage.

To What? An “Every day usage” doesnt exist by me.

Block everything
Own Rules
Secured Mode
Training Mode

Personally I use Custom Ruleset this will ask for both Trusted and unknown applications, if you don’t want it to ask for Trusted applications then you can set it to Safe Mode.

Training mode essentially automatically creates allow rules for all traffic, so if a hypothetical unknown malware.exe tries to send data to a server it will be allowed, with Safe Mode and Custom Ruleset CIS would ask whether to allow it or not.

Training mode is essentially turning off the firewall, not really but it’s very close.

Remember that Gaming Mode is essentially just putting the firewall and the other modules (HIPS) into Training Mode.

If your xbox 360 can’t connect when you change your Firewall Setting to Custom Ruleset or Safe Mode then most likely you have a global rule that says to block that traffic, in such a case you need to create an allow rule for the port that the PS3 Media Server uses.