Comodo firewall blocks pdf printer spooler: Win XP freezes

When I print to regular printer, it prints fine.
But when I print to Adobe PDF, system freezes. Printer status shows “spooling” forever.
As soon as I disable Comodo firewall (latest updated ver, free edition) it prints fine to PDF.
I made sure that Adobe and spool.exe are not blocked, in firewall configuration.
I use Paranoid mode and “OK” everything, with Remember the setting.

I just made a working test (xp pro sp3 french, adobe 5.0 full).

The “culprit” is not the firewall, wherein i have no adobe rule, but defense +.

Adobe has to be set as custom strategy, and it will then ask for the proper rule:
Protected Com Interfaces, Ask, Allowed Com Interfaces: \RPC Control\spoolss

It might also involve protected registry keys, they shall be asked for at the first printing job.