Comodo firewall blocks my wireless internet connection

I use windows XP tablet version on my HP tc440. I use anti vir for virus program and peer guardian2 for IP blocker. Spybot and Lavalys Ad-aware for spam (not real-time protection).
When I install Comodo firewall it installs fine and works fine for about 2-5 days then for no apparent reason it does not allow my computer to use my wireless signal. The meter reads strong signal but firefox or IE cannot connect to the internet (I mainly use firefox). When I disable comodo firewall everything works great. I tried to reinstall fresh but within 1-3 days same thing.
I even reimaged the OS and installed firewall freshly and same thing. Any suggestions for why this blocks my connection from going through to the browser? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
For now I’m using the MS firewall.

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maybe you’ve set the security level to block all on CFP summary page.
and make sure you didn’t block the firefox or IE ( security tab==> application monitor)


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Without further info, my first thoughts are that this is tied up with DHCP and getting an IP address re-allocated.

Can you please check the firewall logs and post an extract back here (as an attachment, please).

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I noticed that when I lose my internet connection if I open COMODO firewall and go under Security–>Application Monitor–> and turn OFF the Application Control Rules I am able to re-establish my connection by going to the Wireless Network Connection box (in winXP) and hitting “connect”. After searching it reestablishes my connection. I can then turn the Application Control Rules ON again and it will work until the firewall decides to block my connection again. Then I have to undergo the whole process all over again to reestablish my connection.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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P.S. The only thin that I have blocked in this area is Adobe Acrobat update and VPN client a feature that I need to log on to my schools intranet. Everything else is set at either allow or ask.

this is the message from the wireless network in WinXP:

Limited or no connectivity
You might not be able to access the internet or some network resources. This problem occurred because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.

This might help

The firewall is blocking DHCP and your IP address is not being renewed.

Assuming that you are connecting to a wifi router and this router is the DHCP server attempting to assign an address to your laptop, have you created a zone that incudes the IP of your laptop AND the IP of the router and set that zone as trusted?

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1st- I don’t quite know what all that means (i.e. DHCP). Can you be a little more clear for us novices.
2nd- truth be told, i’m acting as a parasite at this time and free loading off my neighbor’s signal. Can I do anything about what you just described from the comfort of my home?

If you’re not too ethically charged please feel free to answer.

Thanks either way,

LOL! How do you know I’m not your neighbour?

Unfortunately I don’t feel it’s appropriate to tell you how to pinch your neighbours bandwidth. Sorry, but you’re on your own.

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