Comodo Firewall Blocks my Internet Connection once it is installed


When i installed Comodo Firewall (not including comodo dragon or Comodo Internet Security) to my Windows 7 PC (64 bit) , my internet stops working, however the other computers are fine. I tried reaching login page on my browser and it seems that it is blocking my default gateway too.

So i downloaded the comodo uninstaller for x64 and it worked, i got back my internet connection once i run the uninstaller to uninstall Comodo Firewall.
I do notice however that i got it back when the uninstaller was uninstalling some registry keys, i forgot to ss the exact moment when it happened but i can replicate the situation. I attached my log file so hopefully it is captured there

Here is my attached log of the ciscleanuptool_x64. That was the only tool i ran to uninstall comodo.

I’d like to resolve what is interfering with my internet connection once I install comodo firewall (only)? I can replicate the problem and resolve it over again

Hello Vander59,

Thank you for reporting.Please let me know your CF version?
Regarding comodo uninstaller : Generally when a new program is installed,the corresponding sub keys are generated at the registry.While using comodo uninstaller tool,those comodo related files are removed.So it’s a normal behavior.
Have a nice day!

Hello, sorry for the late reply

The comodo firewall i attempted to install is the latest version - 12 which i downloaded from this link:

Hello Vander59,

Thank you for your response.Are you still had this issue?
Have a nice day!

Kind Regards,

Yes, i still have this issue. I currently do not have comodo installed. If i install it my internet connection is lost.

Okay Vander59, We will check that and update you.