Comodo Firewall blocks internet traffic if left on...

…security level ‘block all’. This happens in the evening if security level was set to block all prior to turning off the pc overnight. In the morning, it will not allow connection to the internet even after changing it back to custom. I have to reboot to restore normal functionality of the firewall and internet connection.

Also, when the security level is set to block all, the blue icon ought to change color to red or black or some other color to let the user know it’s set to block all.

Hopefully, a new release is in the works that would correct this.

Otherwise, the program is very good!

Welcome to the forum.
I have never tried that, but thanks for reporting it.
I will try it the next time I reboot. :wink:

Ok I tried it, and It is as you say, It stays blocked. my solution was to right click the connection and repair. Problem solved. Hopefully Comodo will fix this in the future.

About sys tray icon, It’s gonna be more “interactive” in a near future… :wink: