Comodo Firewall blocking traffic in Home Network Zone

My Home #1 Network is on subnet 192.168.111.x.
This is a Trusted Zone and I have “Allow all incoming requests if sender is in the Home #1 Zone.”

The problem is that traffic from is being blocked by Comodo Firewall (PC at, both in the Home #1 Zone. Why is this happening and how do I correct it???
Also, it says the “Windows Operating System” is the Application Name, but I cannot figure out what file it is referring here.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I am using Comodo Firewall v6.1.276867.2813 on Win7-64bit.

See attachment for Firewall configuration info.

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Can you check the Application Rules of the Firewall and see if System is set to allow outgoing and incoming traffic for your home network?

Did you use the Stealth Ports Wizard to make your local network trusted?

In the Application Rules of the Firewall, System has two entries:
Allow the System to Send Requests if the Target is in [Home #1]
Allow the System to Receive Requests if the Target is in [Home #1]

Regarding the Stealth Ports Wizard, there are only two options, Block Incoming Connections & Alert Incoming Connections.
I had never seen this before, but I just now selected Alert Incoming Connections.

Also, the Global Rules say
Allow all Outgoing Requests if the Target is in [Home #1]
Allow all Incoming Requests if the Target is in [Home #1]

Thank you.

Did running the Stealth Ports Wizard fix the problem for you?

I’ll have to monitor things and see if using the Stealth Ports Wizard fixes it.

Keep us posted.

It is still blocking.
Application: Windows Operating System
Protocol: TCP
Source IP:
Dest IP: (this PC)

When it says “Windows Operating System” what FILE is it referring? If I knew this, I could take a look at the Application Rules and see if there is a problem. Although the only program set to Block anything is “Comodo Internet Security” which blocks “All Unmatching Requests.”

Can you post how Home Network #1 is defined in CIS?

Can you also post screenshot of Global Rules and Application Rules (showing the rule for System)? I want to see if we are not overlooking something.

See attached for Firewall config info.
I have also included a firewall log file that shows what is being allowed/blocked for this Network Zone. The last line of the log shows “Windows Operating System” blocking the traffic.

[attachment deleted by admin]

The document shows that the Firewall is properly configured. When the firewall logs blocked by WOS (Windows Operating System) it means there is no program listening.

Can you see in Network and Sharing Center if your network is set to public or home network.

Hmmmm…I see it is set to Public Network…wonder when/how that happened.
I will change it to Home Network…
Since I changed it, I have not seen the problem recur.
Why would the type of Network defined in Windows affect whether Comodo Firewall blocks something???
Can someone please respond?

Why would the type of Network defined in Windows affect whether Comodo Firewall blocks something???