comodo firewall blocking SqueezeSvr.exe

as per title: comodo firewall is blocking SqueezeSvr.exe (for streaming music from my PC to logitech squeezebox touch)

i have defined/allowed SqueezeSvr.exe and SqueezeTray.exe in both firewall and defense+.
however they still keep getting blocked, the only way to stream music from my PC to the squeezebox touch is do disable the firewall. then everything is fine.

i am almost to point of uninstalling comodo and using W7 firewall + avast av. BUT, i do like comodo and am used (or so i thought) to it. this has taken me hours of uninstalling logitech software, comodo, different combo’s. i think it might be blocking ports 3483 UDP, 3483 TCP and 9000 TCP. although these are not showing as blocked (i think). i’ve gone into ‘network security policy’ and added those ports, but still the same.
PLEASE help!!


can you post a screenshot of your firewall and defense + events (logs)