Comodo Firewall blocking netsh hosted network

Hi. I have a small problem with configuration off firewall. I have set up my WiFi laptop card to act as AP with command netsh wlan set hostednetwork ssid=… key=… but firewall is blocking all packets to me in this wlan network (and other hosts can’t reach gataway). I wanna set firewall to pass the trafic (to share my internet connection with them). How can i do that becouse i don’t want to allow to much (and don’t want to use PC with firewall down).

Can adding a global rule “Allow all in/out connections in my wlan network” be considered as good idea?

Hi Gildarts,

Go to FW > Firewal Behavior Settings > Alerts Settings and there enable “This computer is an internet connection gateway”. CIS will make rules accordingly and normally you’ll be able to share your connection with the others computers through your laptop NIC.

I have CIS 6.1
I cant find such settings now

I used:
Firewal Tasks → Steath Ports → Alert incoming connections