Comodo Firewall blocking my wireless connection, help!!

Hi, i have recently subscribed to a wireless broadband and am having trouble with my CFP blocking my connection.

The connection works fine when i switch the firewall off, but when its on it says have limited or no connection.
I know this is something to do with the settings of the firewall but i have no idea where to start with what i need to change or why the connection is being blocked.

Would really appreciate some help with this and also a bit of knowledge on why would be great.


Have you set up a trusted zone?
Also, what version of CFP are you using?


THanks for the reply,

I am using version 3 (

and yes i have set up a trusted zone, it picked up the Belkin adaptor ok, IP address etc but still have the same problem (have tried rebooting everything after this aswell but same)

Any ideas?

I had the same problem when I first installed Comodo. My problem, which may be different from yours, is that I did not choose to allow access to the network when I approved the trusted network. The only solution I could find, short of uninstalling Comodo, and reinstalling it, was to disconnect from all internet connections, remove the trusted network(s) from the list, reconnect to the internet, approve access to the network(s)(The first check box for each connection must be checked), and approve the addition of the trusted network(s). If the first check box isn’t checked, Comodo will not allow the connection to access your computer. Unless you want to allow remote access, leave the bottom check box unchecked. Further settings are up to the individual user.