COMODO Firewall blocking my printer

I have a Lexmark X3470 All-in-one printer on a Windows Vista machine. I can print the first document, but when it
gets done printing the print status just hangs there with 99%. I have to click it off manually, but when I try to print
again, It won’t let me. It just sits there doing nothing. The only way I can print again is if I reboot the computer
again. Lexmark said that I had a firewall problem and they couldn’t do anything to fix it. So they said to come here.

— iggy67

Are there any relevant entries in the firewall logs?

Did Lexmark support give you any indication what the port requirements of the printer were?

Ewen :slight_smile:

I don’t know all my log files on the computer get deleted when I reboot.

My printer uses USB ports.

Where do you find the firewall log file anyway?

I can confirm I have the same problem with Lexmark X1185. Going into the firewall tab and placing all the Lexmark programs as “Trusted” did NOT do the trick. I basically have to reboot to clear the print job.


Ewen :slight_smile:

It shows nothing. It’s blank.

There’s nothing that seems to be related to Lexmark processes in my log. BTW, I’m also running Vista SP1 (Home Prem 64 bit). Could it be Vista user control that’s screwing it up? I didn’t have this problem before with earlier versions of the firewall (I recently had to reinstall the printer).

Kinda think of it. Your right. I too didn’t have this problem with the earlier versions as well.
Also, I had problems with that user accounts control thing too. If you shut it off your
problems stop. You don’t get that annoying "you need permission to run this. program.’ dialog box every time.

Well, I guess the only way I can use my printer is to shutdown the firewall. Then turn it back on when I’m done printing. At least it will print that way. A little annoying at times.