Comodo FIrewall blocking LAN network address acquisition


I have been struggling with this Comodo Firewall and I wanted to ask if someone here could help me to find the problem area which I have not found. I am 100% positive my issue is being caused by Comodo. Here is what I have found:

I can use the internet for varying periods of time and then suddenly the connection will drop. It will then say “Limited or no connectivity.” When I disable and then enable the LAN connection, it gets stuck at “Acquiring network address.” There are two ways I have found to get around this.

The first way is to reset the computer. This initially led me to believe that perhaps I had the WinXPSP2 network bug, so I d/led and installed that fix. No change. Then, I thought perhaps I had an LSP problem or a Winsock issue. I checked everything, and it is just fine.

So, I started looking to see if Comodo was the issue. Indeed it is! When I am at the “Acquiring network address” stage, I can sit there for ten minutes without change. But, if I right click on the Comodo icon and go to Adjust Security Level… Allow All, the connection works immediately. If I leave it on Allow All, I do not run into the limited or no connectivity problem.

Obviously, I do not want to allow all for the whole time I am connected, as having a firewall at that point would be pointless. But, I do not have issues with Comodo disabled, and I have the same issue repeatedly with it enabled.

Here are the essentials of my system:

Windows XP SP2 latest updates except Windows Genuine Advantage
Avast 4.7 (disable during all aforementioned tests, so not a contributing factor)
Comodo CADV 3.0
Connected through Comcast using their combined cable modem/voip box… no router, just direct connection

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


I see you are using v2.4. I have no experience with that version as I jumped the bandwagon with 3.0 alpha.

Is there a clue in the firewall logs around the time it happens? Can you show a screeny?

Consider updating to the latest 3.8. Tuesday v3.9 will be released. What is keeping you from using a more recent version? Just curious.

Thanks for the reply. I took your advice and attempted to update to 3.8. Update failed within the program and threw an error. I am thinking my installation became corrupted. I uninstalled and cleaned out registry entries, and then I reinstalled using the latest 3.8 installer. I have not had the issue on the new version thus far. I had no reason to stay on 2.4, but I did not realize that program updates were not working. I will be checking on that now.

I appreciate the help.


On Tuesday v3.9 will be released by the way…