COMODO firewall blocking Internet

Hello, comodo is blocking my internet connection ( I’m on my laptop), leaving it at limited access, which isgiving me no access at all even though it’s telling me that a network has been detected and and is asking if im at home, which I am, so any advice on how to deal with this? thanks

Fixed, please delete this thread.

Thanks for letting us know it’s fixed. Would you mind letting us know how you solved the problem?

This way if anyone else with a similar problem stumbles across this thread it will give them an idea for how to solve it.


It had something to do with the firewall, I switched it from “Block All” to Safe mode

EDIT: though when I switched it back to block all, the problem resumed

Block all is exactly what it says, it blocks ALL traffic, good and bad.

Please read this.

Now that the my internet is back, I have yet another problem, Windows 7 has been freezing randomly, twice today, any ideas on where to open a thread for my problem?

This would probably be the best section of the forum to create a topic for that.