Comodo Firewall blocking FolderShare [Resolved]

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I’m fairly new to using Comodo products and just switched over from Zone Alarm’s firewall. Anyways I’ve been using this program called FolderShare for a long time- it’s used as a p2p application to sync my own personal files between all of my devices and those of my friends. The only problem is now that I have been using Comodo the program says it’s firewalled and that incoming connections are blocked. I have set FolderShare as a trusted application within Comodo Firewall but it still does not seem to work.

FolderShare uses ports 80, 443. 6571, and 8000 to transfer files through a secured SSL session to (note that it initiates using port 443). Can anyone assist me with the information I provided? I really need to get this program back up and running so I can access my files at home, work, and traveling.

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CFP uses layered security between its various monitors. In order to receive an Inbound connection, you have to create appropriate rules within Network Monitor, rather than just for the application. This increases your security.

As long as you have the default Network Monitor rules in place, you should be covered for the Outbound connection FS needs. The Inbound will be built like this:

Action: Allow
Direction: In
Protocol: TCP/UDP (presuming it uses both)
Source IP: Any (or possibly, - which would increase your security even more)
Destination IP: Any (if you have a static external IP address, you may use that; I’m guessing you probably don’t)
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: A set of ports: 6571,8000 (no space after the comma).

To make sure memory clears and the new rule sets properly, reboot your computer.

Then you should be all set. In the event that the Inbound connection requires ports 80,443 as Destination Ports on your computer, simply add those to the “set of ports” on that rule.

Make sure (this is important) that this rule is placed in order above any rule which might block it; especially above the bottom “block & log all” rule.


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Ok, everything is all set now!
Thanks a bundle for your help and the really speedy reply. Again, just installed this firewall so I’m probably going to have a lot of questions since I’m completely new to this area of security. But Comodo Firewall is definately a keeper.

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Check out the FAQ board; there’s good stuff there. Also, in the Help board, there’s a thread called FAQs/Threads - Read Me First that has links to a number of very helpful posts/threads; all divided up based on topic/question.

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