Comodo firewall blocking firefox images


I recently found another problem.

Firefox works normally, but not on one page. When I try to load, I see the intrusion attempt rising for app 30 each time. And the images don’t load.

If I disable the firewall, the images appear.

The internet page is

What exactly is going wrong?

The site appears to be using port 81 as well as port 80.

Read this explanation by GRC GRC | Port Authority, for Internet Port 81  


So how does this help me?

Isn’t port 81 open by default on comodo?

Depends on your firewall policy for Firefox.
Do you use Safe or Custom policy?
I was merely stating that the site mentioned uses port 81 as picked up by my custom firewall policy which is set to allow port 80 and not 81.
It was a suggestion for the cause not a definitive answer.
Which ports are showing as blocked in your firewall events list?

For instance if you have Firefox setup as a Web Browser and it uses the default HTTP ports then those do not contain port 81. You will need to add port 81 in your HTTP port set.
Firewall>Common Tasks>My Port Sets and add 81 to HTTP Ports

Regards Dave

Works like a charm.

Thank you.