Comodo Firewall blocking Comodo website

Hi all,
Just installed CIS and firewall is running in safe mode but even though I can run IExplorer and succesfully search Google, the links in the firewall ‘More’, ‘Browse Support Forums’ and ‘Help’ will not connect.

Any advice appreciated.

Still no reply? :-\

Not particularly inspiring me to purchase the full version.

What do you see in the Firewall Events log?

When I click on ‘Help’ or ‘Browse Suport Forums’, IE opens but neither pages can be displayed, “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Referring to the Events Log, no activity is logged for IE.
If I then click on my IE homepage icon, succesfully loads and I can search succesfully, but after searching for ‘Comodo’, none of the resulting pages will load - same error.

I did manage to get the Comodo Firewall Updater to work by adding it as a Trusted Application.

Thank you

I doubt that the firewall is blocking that. Can you try with another browser?

It could be that something has interfered with your Hosts file, some malware could have hijacked IE.

Maybe a scan with Malwarebytes antimalware would show something.

AVG anti-virus scan and MalwareBytes anti malware scans are both clear.

I do not think that it can be Comodo firewall that is blocking a Comodo website, even if there is something very strange about your installation.

If you have an original Windows Hosts file you could try resetting it to default and see if that fixes the problem.

Apart from that I can’t think of anything else so maybe someone else will suggest something.

Please accept my apologies. 88)

It turns out PeerBlock had Comodo’s web site IP’s in its’ list (no idea why) and I had HTTP block turned on.

Thanks very much for your help and of course thanks for the Free Firewall.

No problem, thanks for letting me know what it was.

I just checked this out and Comodo is on three IP Block Lists:

Level 1
Primary Threats
United Kingdom

Someone is making mischief!