Comodo Firewall blocking AppGuard tray icon

Comodo Firewall is blocking AppGuard tray icon at boot. I checked the taskmanager, and the protection process for AG is running, but the GUI process is not. The GUI process is AppGuardGUI.exe. Does anyone have any suggestions? I just switched to Comodo Firewall after learning that Emsisoft is discontinuing Online Armor so I have not learned my way around the Comodo’s settings yet. I did run Comodo HIPS in training Mode for about 2.5 hours while launching all my applications, and I also booted in learning mode 3 times. I’m currently using Safemode with the HIPS, and I unticked do not show popup alerts so Comodo would prompt me. Is there something in the settings that control startup items that could be blocking the AG GUI? I’m not being prompted by Comodo for any startup items. I’m using Windows 7X64 Ultimate.

Go to File list and let it filter for unrecognised files. If you find AppGuardGUI.exe there tell CIS to rate it as trusted.

Thank you for your response. I already tried that, and it did not work. I’m also having an issue with Peerblock, and AMD Catalyst Control Center not loading. AppGuard tray icon loads very delayed, or does not load at all. Peerblock, and AMD Catalyst Control Center loads very delayed randomly, but not as often as AG tray icon. If I wait for about 4-5 minutes after the desktop has loaded sometimes they will load, and sometimes they want. Before installing Comodo Firewall they all loaded momentarily after the desktop loaded. Uninstalling Comodo FW fixes the problem.

I also have noticed that Comodo FW takes about 30 seconds longer to load in the taskbar after exiting Shadow Mode when using Shadow Defender. It loads as expected as long as i’m not exiting Shadow Mode when using Shadow Defender.

I will report this as a bug.