comodo firewall blocked allowed connection

I’m a bit fustrated because of comodo.
I have explicitly allowed a connection, and it still blocks it.
I try it in several ways, but only disabling the whole firewall helped.

My goal:
connect from to my PC (
for reaching a shared folder

The way:
allow tcp/udp in from to where source port is any and dest port is any

The result:
connection gets blocked ???

See the attached pictures (settings and blocked connections)…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Do you have an application rule for “System”? The Global Rules just pass the packets along to the application rules, so you should repeat the same rule there.

No, I had no such rule.
But it is not obvius, that you have to allow something on 2 places :frowning:

Agree, not really obvious. The way it works is that for inbound connections, the global rules are evaluated first, and if the connection is allowed, it is passed on to the application rules for disposition. For outbound connections, the application rules are evaluated first, and if allowed it is passed on to the global rules for disposition. I find it confusing enough that I don’t use the global rules at all. But they are convenient for many users. :slight_smile: What version of CFP3 are you using?

It’s hard to tell based on your screen shots. But, I’m not sure the LAN has been defined properly… what about broadcasts on Also the 5th rule looks a little iffy, since the Source & Destination IPs are specified (based on the description) and yet the rule bi-directional (can’t be true in both directions). It would work if you created Network Zone that encompassed all the LAN components & used the Network Zone in the rules… it would probably be easier to apply & change as well.

Both CFPs Network Detection & Stealth Ports Wizard would automatically create these rules (for System as well) for a detected Network Zone.