Comodo firewall appliance

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I am just wondering if Comodo has plans to develop a firewall appliance in the near future. I am very interested in the Comodo firewall software solutions but I prefer to run it as an appliance so as to cut down on the maintainance efforts and costs. Is there a way I can run the software in probably a FreeBSD box and then convert it into an appliance?

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Please Explain

Like a VMWare Appliance?

Or do you mean as part of a hardware firewall?


i was wondering the same question, so I have search on google and I have found this topic.

I think it means a software appliance, a complete system for exemple a linux or bsd with all the tools (web interface, http server for the web interface, firewall, proxy, shell, etc…) to make a firewall gateway at the head of the network.
And why not a central web interface to be able to manage all the computer of the network (see all the alert, be able to push the configuration of commodo in one time to several computer, etc…)in one central web interface (or remote destock).

For exemple there is appliance on linux doing proxy and firewall :
or on bsd system :
or on linux an appliance doing a lot of different thing :

But the interface are not complete as the comodo internet security premium is.

It’s quite the same idea than this topic :

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