Comodo Firewall/Anti-Virus

Do I need Comodo Firewall (Pro) if I have Comodo Anti-Virus? Considering I want as much memory available as possible.

Those are 2 different programs. A firewall is a firewall and an anti virus is an anti virus. My recommendations are to dump Comodo av and use something alittle better and not beta like AVG or Avast. Then install Comodo Firewall.


Take a look at;msg145845#msg145845 for how some of these products fit into your overall security profile.

Doesnt Comodo Firewall Pro come with built in Antivirus/Malware protection? → The new god of threads. It covers also questions on CFP’s built-in AV and how it doesn’t affect existing AV’s you may have.

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CFP has “virus scanner”, but don’t depend on it, the main purpose of having the scanner is for CFP pre-installation (you don’t want to install CFP on infected machine).

there will be Comodo suite in the future :-TU

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