Comodo firewall and Wireless net.

To log you need to double-click on each of the top 3 rules and check the “Create an alert if this rule is fired” checkbox, then try and connect again and you should see some log entries.


done & attached!

You might want to X out your IP address in the log you posted.

Looks like something is trying to sync up and is being denied on the first entry. You can write a rule that would look like this if you trust that source address:

ALLOW-check the checkbox
Source IP: Source IP address in the first deny entry in the log
Destination IP: ANY
Source Port: 2788 (try this first to see if it works-might have to use “ANY” here
Destination Port: ANY

A cell phone is similar to connecting a PDA. They are considered their own network a lot of times. We won’t worry about the second entry for now. Just write the above rule and try connecting again and we’ll go from there.

If it doesn’t work PM me your log again as posting your public address isn’t safe.

EDIT: Put the rule at the very top by clicking on the first rule in Network Monitor to highlight it then right-click on that rule and choose “Add rule” then choose “Add before”. Sorry forgot that.


I had already assumed the priority of rules

Anyway, the result - one time success, then gone again…

I followed your instructions and at first it did not work. I then noticed that UDP with the same source IP was causing a violation so I amended the rule to include TCP or UDP. Then it worked. I could visit various websites and I could use another application and that successfully worked.

Alas, when I next tried to connect (whether with the same app and web address or otherwise) it did not work (and the log was showing up very different source IP and ports)

I think I’m going to leave it unless there is something else to try. It’s not critical to my survival to resolve and for the times that I need to use wireless I’ll ‘switch down’ to Windows Firewall. I’ll keep an eye on this topic though.

Thanks very much for your support.

PS. I did in fact switch my internet connection (dynamic IP) before posting the original log file (since deleted anyway)

Just being safe on the posted IP. Wasn’t sure.

You might have to setup a Network rule separately for the cell connection if you can pin the IP’s down to a certain range.

At least you know what it is trying to do now. If you need anymore help feel free to post back and someone will try to help you I’m sure.

have a good one,