Comodo Firewall and Windows Security Alerts

Since running a safe mode w/o networking scan yesterday (XP/SP3), I’ve been getting the Win Security Alert that says no firewall present. I found the WMI script from a couple of years ago and it gets rid of the problem right then, but it returns on the next start up. I’m using Comodo firewall only, 3.9.95478.509. Any Plan B? thanks.

Try running this from the command prompt:
Net stop winmgmt /y
Rename %windir%\system32\wbem\repository %windir%\system32\wbem

Does this work or does the same thing happen?

No. I ran the first line, changed the folder name directly and rebooted. Same icon/warning.

What do you mean with running safe mode without networking? You have D+ in safe mode but firewall disabled?

Are you sure this isnt a fake warning. Such as your infected?

I took it to mean that he/she booted into Windows safe mode without networking functionality loaded. What scan was run is a mystery though…

Avira AntiVir. It seems a good idea to do a non-networked run every so often.

Did it find/remove anything?

On May 14, it found the TR/Cyrpt.XPAC.Gen trojan, which was removed. Then after two or three clean runs the following days, it found MailPassView program in a downloaded MailWasher Pro 6.4 install file that had been sitting there for a few days. That led me to do a Safe Mode run on May 19 just to be sure. It came up with another version of MPV in a System Restore file. MailWasher (Fire Trust) had included a vendor’s sub-program in 6.4 (only) that was using code recognized as the MailPassView virus. Whether it was a virus or a false positive, they’ve removed it from 6.5. In any event, it was after the Safe Mode run that the Windows Security Alerts started.

The only thing I can think of is running the installer of CIS again and letting repair the installation. I have never tried it with Comodo but it may be worth a try when “resetting” the security center does not work.

I’ll give it a try. Btw, looking around for reviews of the anti-virus component of the new CIS, the first one I came across reported the same issue: (under problems).

I don’t see a repair option in the installer. When I choose Install Comodo Firewall (CIS installer), the whole thing just dies, the box closing.

Then you would have to try a reinstall. Unfortunate the CIS doesn’t provide the repair install option.

When you are going to reinstall export your configuration first to safe yourself the work of having to make your rules again. Put the configuration file in a new folder that is not part of the installation folder of Comodo Internet Security (it may get deleted otherwise). You can export your configuration under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations.