Comodo Firewall and Windows Remote Desktop Connection

For my work i often use, from my home pc, a VPN connection to my office’s LAN, in order to manage the servers via Remote Desktop Connection (or Remote Desktops).

After having installed Comodo, the RD connections stopped to work. When i active the VPN and then i try to login a remote server via RDP, the RD connection “freezes” and i see only a black screen. Sometimes i can see the logon screen, but i cannot type anything since, as i said, the remote screen does not respond. Furthermore, when i try to disconnect the VPN connection, the network icon on the systray still remains active, althought the connection has been really shut down (since i cannot ping the remote servers anymore) and the only way to use the VPN again is to reboot the pc.

The only way i found to solve the problem quickly (i had to do an emergency maintenance) has been to completely uninstall the software, since even exiting the Comodo Firewall did not solve anything.

Have you any ideas about how to solve this issue? The product seems excellent, but for me this is a major flaw, also considering that my old and ■■■■■■ free Zone Alarm gave no problems regarding RD connections.


This is an old issue. I have the same problem. With the current version there is no way to solve it.