COMODO Firewall and Windows Defender Security Center

Thanks to you and Jon, but why is it that something as fundamental as this is not fixed in CIS? As it installs it should deal with this, I’ve never experienced any other suite fail to do this unless it was piggy-backing off WF, for example Avira.

Someone here said that Microsoft does not allow third-party security software to disable Windows Firewall (not the service, but the ones for private and public protection), though I can’t verify that claim. I’m pretty sure that when I installed another third party suite with it’s own firewall Windows Firewall was disabled. I think Comodo intends to disable it however.

This problem is really old and I have reported the same problem here:;msg858864#msg858864

but unfortunately Comodo has done nothing to it.
I hope that post have more luck.

many thanks … and waiting for solution.

My problem up to “reverse”!
When you install CF ver_10.0.1.6254 10 built-in Windows firewall continues to work, and it suits me. If necessary it is possible and to disconnect.
When you install CF ver_10.0.1.6254 Windows 7(32&64) built-in firewall is disabled. Not immediately after system startup, and after some time(2-3 minutes)!
How to make CF (CIS) is NOT turned OFF Windows 7 built-in firewall??!!

I have the same problem since the Windows 10 Creators update. A clear statement from Comodo on this issue would be very much appreciated indeed…

I just upgraded my Windows 10 to version 1703 (“Creators Update”), and I am experiencing a similar issue:

I get a warning from “Windows Defender Security Center” saying that Firewall & Network protection is disabled.

However if I go to Control Panel → System and Security → Review your computer’s status, Under “Security” I can see that Comodo Firewall is fully recognized and is shown to be turned on.

Is there a way to resolve this false security alarm from WDSC?

I am running the latest Win10 x64 1703 build 15063.413. I use Comodo Antivirus, Auto-Containment, HIPS, VirusScope and Firewall - latest version.

Generally, I don’t like Windows Firewall as it is too generous with Windows components. One should not trust a firewall from the same vendor as the one making software we’re trying to limit :wink:

So, I have disabled the Security Center, the Security Health Center, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall altogether. The only services from the firewall arena left are BFE, PolicyAgent and IKEEXT as I need them for VPN connections. Warning notifications for the respective components are switched off in the Windows control panel.
The system runs perfectly fine - just some major Windows updates may re-enable some services that I have to manually disable again.

Note: some of the services you need to disable to fully get rid of the respective Windows components require regedit (setting “Start” to 4 - disabled).


On the support website from microsoft they make a strange statement (the page was review in August).

“You should always run Windows Firewall even if you have another firewall turned on. Turning off Windows Firewall might make your device (and your network, if you have one) more vulnerable to unauthorized access.”

A word from Comodo would be kind.