Comodo Firewall and Webroot Spy Sweeper still not playing well together?

dear all,

I am still on V. and contemplating upgrading to 3. I had upgraded to 3 when it was first released; it slowed my system to a crawl, so I rolled back my system to the disk image I made before upgrading.

I have XP SP2, fully patched, AVG 7.5, Web Sweeper 5.5.7 (build 124).

I notice that the last reference on the forum to problems with SS dates back to the beginning of the year. Does that mean that the problem has been resolved?


(p.s. :: I do not have scan email attachments enabled in SS)

SS is really what slows your system down. Check your memory usage and I bet its high. I use Comodo 3.0 and Avira Premium and no slow downs at all. You may get some slow downs at first while D+ is learning but give it a week and it will be fine.

Many thanks for the quick response.

SS only uses 8.5 MB memory, and my system, now, is not slow. When I said it slowed to a crawl when I updated to CPF 3, I was being charitable. The system became so unresponsive, it was unusable. That is why I rolled back the image. There is no question of ‘working’ with it for a week – no work would be accomplished.


Any firewall I have ever used takes about a week till all the pop ups disappear. Comodo 3.0 should not slow your system down at all. SS with its 2 services last time I used it was using around 40K of memory.

A learning period is one thing (and one which I have no quarrel with). I would just like to know if the issue of turning a machine almost completely unresponsive which I experienced when I first upgraded and which other support posts seemed to indicate as being still current (as of January) has in fact been resolved.

So, does Firewall with Defense+ co-exist with SS, or do I select Firewall with Leak Protection?

TIA for your clarifications/assistance!!


I see no reason to not use Comodo with SS. Comodo 3.0 has come along way since you used it last.

Thanks for the assurance that Defense+ lives comfortably with SS!

Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! I now have the anticipated joy of doing a firewall upgrade this weekend

Have a great weekend…


If D+ gives you any problems then simply put D+ in training mode. Also keep in mind that your first boot might be slow cause Comodo is learning but by a second or third boot up everything should be good to go.