Comodo Firewall and Virtual Drives [Solved]

Windows - CFW v8.2 & 10.x

When Comodo FW HIPS is set to CleanPC mode Comodo will grab hold of the VHD or VDI file and scan it after shutting down the Virtual Machine. As the disk image can be quite large this brings my system down to its knees from all the disc IO and CPU usage.

CFW does not do this in HIPS Safe Mode.

I tried setting rules for the VirtualPC and VirtualBox VM executables and services to Installater/Updater or Windows System Application and Trusting all the files to no avail.

Is there a way to skip the file scanning in Clean PC Mode or is the only workaround to use Safe Mode?

Clean PC mode is no longer available in CFW version 10. And I don’t think it is HIPS that is scanning the file it could be VirusScope monitoring if you have it set to monitor all applications.

Yes, I noticed some time after posting that after my most recent update Clean PC Mode is no longer an option.

Viruscope is disabled since it is redundant with features of my Anti-Virus program.

For grins I enabled Viruscope and tried running VirtualBox VM with HIPS set to Training Mode and Safe PC mode. Problem did not occur.

I guess it is solved since Clean PC Mode no longer exists.