Comodo Firewall and TrustConnect

This involves TrustConnect as well as the Comodo Firewall but the problem seems to be with the firewall, so I’ll ask over here.

Setting up a new notebook, moving accounts and such over to it.

When I try to connect to TrustConnect, the firewall throws up a request dialog “Activate TrustConnect… If you already have an account, enter your credentials below and click Activate Now button.”

I enter the account user name and password, it goes off with “Please wait while TrustConnect is being enabled” and then returns with the error “Failed to establish connection with TrustConnect.”

What’s maddening is that while this is happening, I am connected to TrustConnect (the icon is green and I got an IP from the usual range) and I’m logged into my TrustConnect account with the same account user name and password that the firewall doesn’t seem to know what to do with.

It’s mostly an annoyance, since I can just hit the initial dialog box’s close X and be done with it. It just seems so danged stupid to have to do that.

Note: since it’s not clear whether the dialog is asking for the account (web login) username and password or the CTC VPN pair, I’ve tried both with the same (negative) results. Frustrating. And stupid.

Are you using a free Trust Connect account?

Nope, it’s a licensed account. 50 GB/month, of which I use a tiny, tiny fraction.

I made the popup box go away by checking the “don’t bother me with this again” option. That’s less than ideal, however, since (I think) that its purpose is to flag users that they have connected to a potentially insecure or open network, where using the CTC VPN would be indicated.

That could be a handy reminder and I wouldn’t mind the nagging if only I could get it to believe me when I give it a legitimate username/password pair.