Comodo Firewall and Steam games

Comodo seems to be a pretty good firewall, and I’ve had it for some time now. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that when playing Steam games online (counterstrike source/DOD source are the two I mainly play) I get frequent mini-lockups (pauses, freezing) in-game. Not sure why this is, or what to do about it.
I’m going to test this further to make absolutely sure before uninstalling Comodo, but I’ve run games without the firewall on (turning off at the system tray and killing cmdagent.exe in task manager) and don’t get the stuttering, so I’m pretty sure it’s Comodo that’s doing it.

If anyone else experiences the same thing, or has in the past and has fixed it, I would like to know about it.

Hi BadZen,

I have “similar” problem with Counter-Stike. My problme is that after installing CFW I cannot ever run CS. Strange think is that I can run CS:Source without any problem. Befor I installed CFW both were working.
So far I did not find any solution for this issue. I even tried to uninstall and install CS again but it did not help.

If you are playing CS source, could you please try CS 1.6 and let me know if it is working for you or not?


In addition to your other thread where we’re trying to help you thru this (and at least one other user gave their method for getting Steam games to work), you might look at this thread, where one of the Mods has done a lot of work to try to identify necessary rules for gaming.,5099.0.html