Comodo Firewall and SkypeMate

I have SkypeMate installed on my computer (AMD Athlon 64 3400+, 1 GB RAM, Win XP Home Edition SP2). It is the software driver that allows USB phones to work with Skype.

I removed Zone Alarm (free edition) and installed Comodo. The installation and activation went smoothly. However, I received an error message when SkypeMate attempted to launch saying the program failed to initialize. This is reproducible at startup or when trying to start SkypeMate separately. The problem goes away if I uninstall Comodo and reinstall Zone Alarm. It returns if I uninstall Zone Alarm and reinstall Comodo again.

Does anyone know what the SkypeMate/Comodo incompatibility issue is about and how to resolve it? Thanks.

Welcome to the forums, saroman (:WAV)

I am not aware of any compatibility issues with SkypeMate; I did a search through the forums and did not come up with anything either (other than your post…).

I know that many users use Skype without any problems; it is a known “Safe” application for Comodo.

I will hazard a guess that you need to manually add an Application Rule for SkypeMate prior to attempting to run the application; you may further need to “Skip Advanced Security Checks” and/or “Allow Invisible Connections” under the miscellaneous tab while Editing the rule. After you create the Application Monitor rule, reboot your computer.

At any rate, CPF’s Activity/Logs will hold the key to what’s going on when you try to run SM. If it’s being blocked, it will be shown in the logs. (Make sure you have the bottom Block rule in the Network Monitor set to “Create an alert if this rule is fired”).

Hope this helps; ask any questions you need - someone will help you get it resolved.


Been using skypemate with cpf for a while now with no issue. Did have issue at first but re installed skypemate with cpf running (setting cpf to except all set up rules when pop ups appear) and from then on no probs. small delay in sign in but other than that a ok.Hope this helps you.