comodo firewall and skype

I want to download skype today.
So anyone please let me know if skype works with comodo firewall or is there anything I shall modify in the comodo firewall?

And also I have heard that skype connects to different IPs at start up, can anyone clarify this for me?
Thanks in advance.

Maybe this will help

Hi radaghast,thanks for ur reply.
I read that topic(couldn’t understand and doubt its accuracy) before I started this topic.
Actually I wanna know whether is it enough to allow skype in firewall or shall I do anything else?
And i have heard that skype connects to diff ips,what shall I do regarding this?

The information in the link is quite accurate and still relevant. You have to consider Skype is just a P2P application like a torrent client, as such, the rules are quite similar. However, the rules you need specifically, will depend on which aspects of Skype you use and whether Skype can simply make its own rules

Actually I wanna know whether is it enough to allow skype in firewall or shall I do anything else?

I guess to some extent, it will depend on your current firewall configuration. The best thing you can do, is launch Skype and see what happens when you try to use it.

And i have heard that skype connects to diff ips,what shall I do regarding this?

Not sure what you’re referring to here? If you’re talking about the basic communication mechanics, then yes, Skype needs to be able to send and receive, over TCP and UDP, on any address and a very wide range or ports.

Skype does not use central servers for communication. The only central server structure it has is, to log you into your account.
So to say, your internet connection becomes part of the communication transmission structure.
If you have your skype running all day, you might become a “node” which gets more traffic, as your connection is reliable.
This is to avoid!
In the settings disable the useage of the alternative port. Look through the setting anyway.

As long as skype is connected, you will have several connections with “unknown” peers. When a friend writes to you, or if you receive something, the connection for this is mostly direct instead. But also it might be resend over other peers (indirect transfer, slow). Skype is somehow encrypted.

You can run skype with an OUTgoing only rule for TCP and UDP.
Even if its based on peer to peer technologie, it will “circumvent” the firewall by letting ingoing calls or messages appear as requested packets. Thats why you dont need ingoing rules for this peer to peer program.

Good advice. To make sure one does not become a ‘Super Node’ uncheck the box:

Tools/Options/Advanced/Connection - Use port 80 and 443…

Super Node functionality is also disabled if you’re behind a NAT device, or you’ve configured your firewall correctly.

So, what EXACTLY will happen if I disable Skype using ports 80 and 443? Which port will Skype use?

This is something that I have never heard of and really interests me, as I have been using Skype for years now. Could you please explain more in detail (eg how your connection can be used as a node, etc).

Also, in Skype Tools/Options/Advanced/Connection - there is an option “Enable uPnP”. What is this option?


Also disable it from time to time. Especially when you dont use it.

You can read about your questions in the internet, and in the setting.

As you’ve probably already discovered, the main Skype port is on the Connection configuration page.

Also, in Skype Tools/Options/Advanced/Connection - there is an option "Enable uPnP". What is this option?

UPnP is used for automatic configuration of routers, where supported.

As a router usually allows outbound connections anyway, its not you who needs upnp to be enabled, but skype would like :wink:

I disabled the upnp function in my router.

Good sources to inform you about these aspects of skype are, rules of university networks to use skype.

We have 3 so far.

  1. no alternative port
  2. dont let it run all day
  3. disable upnp

I apologize for my lack of responses but couldn’t reply due to some personal issues.

I’d love to thank everyone for their replies.

The configuration of my Firewall is based on Chiron’s guide at TechSupportAlert titled How to Install Comodo Firewall. All I wanna know now is what settings etc do I have to change within Skype and Comodo Firewall for the best security possible.
I’d love to see one whole post summarizing every single thing I need to change within my Skype settings and Firewall.
Thank you for your time and effort.


If you read the steps in this topic,
feel free to tell us the remaining worries.

Just installed Skype and everything is running fine ATM.

Disabled the option to use port 80 and 443 in Skype.

Anything else I gotta do to achieve maximum security???

Hey Clockwork,
Is disabling UPNP a good security practice, if so lemme know how I could disable UPNP??
I’m willing to leave UPNP as it is if it isnt a loophole that allows skype to compromise my PC’s security.


I allways disable upnp. Router, program.

Skype just needs outgoing rules.

Treat it as a normal game (outgoing only, or UDP+TCP outgoing only). And you will recieve calls and messages because the skype protocoll lets them appear as requested packets. (You could test it with a friend).

Avoid automatic functions to create rules, especially if you know what connections are necessary!
Make sure that you look at each setting! Cookies off, etc, … no calls from strangers, no messages from strangers etc.
Never press links from strangers. Allways think twice before pressing a link from a friend… in case that a malware sends messages with the client of your friend… “Is this your picture in this forum?”

It is as safe as a game. S… can happen, if you dont keep your eyes open.

Worst case scenarios… but nothing usual.

Funny hint if you get spam:
Make a setting that “moves” you to a remote country :smiley:

And dont let it run when you dont need it. The super node thingie… just remind you.