Comodo Firewall and Shoutcast


I was wondering if anyone who has a functional SHOUTcast radio station running on their computers and also has Comodo Firewall. I have Comodo running on my system and I have determined that it is causing my radio station (I’m using SHOUTcast) to be inaccessible to other computers. I found this out by asking a friend to test my radio station while my firewall was turned off, and it worked ( ). When I turned on my firewall, he could no longer access the listen.pls of my station.

How can I configure Comodo to allow SHOUTcast to do it’s thing? It’s using port 8000 (and I think 8001).



Welcome to the forum, Joel.

I’m listening through a SHOUTcast radio station right now :). With Winamp and CFP on. :).

Depending on what player is used to play your station, it would most likely require some Application Monitor rules to allow outgoing connections. One way to verify what ports are required is to check the log for blocked outgoing connection entries.