comodo firewall and Remote Desktop Connection

hello, Does anyone know how to configure Comodo Firewall to allow remote desktop connections? any help is appreciated!


You have to allow TCP port 3389 IN thru the firewall. The firewall log should show that port as being blocked when you try to remote in.

The rule would look like this:

ALLOW - check the checkbox if you want to log
Source IP: the IP of the PC you are connecting from
Destination IP: ANY (could also use the IP address of the computer being connected to here)
Source port: ANY
Destination port: 3389

hope this helps


Question. So, why, when I use Remote Desktop to connect to server, does Firewall say on the remote computer that none of my monitors are working (i.e., firewall is not functioning on server), but when I look on the server it says my protection is excellent?

Curious. Which is it?

I am assuming you not using the ALPHA version firewall just released but version think thats the most current stable version).

I have to apologize as I personally haven’t kept up on the problems posted here on the forum with Remote Desktop and viewing the firewall from there.

If the log on the server is showing traffic normally(blocked and allowed) then I would have to say that the firewall is working correctly. Now why it isn’t displaying correctly is something I don’t know.

Maybe someone else has seen this problem. I do know that there are other users remoting into their servers, the same as you, and are not reporting any problems such as you have posted. I doubt they are using Remote Desktop though to remote to their servers. I personally have never used or seen remoting in to a server(I have used it on workstations) with Remote Desktop as most companies I’ve worked with will use other software to view their servers.

It could be the limitations of Remote Desktop causing it. Have you tried any of the other remote-in programs to see if that makes a difference?

Sorry I am not much help here,


I have the latest version of Firewall. I think that it probably has something to do with Windows Remote Desktop, as you’ve suggested. The firewall does, indeed, still do its job while I am remoted in. I will mess with some other remoting software and see what happens. The truth is, I hardly remote into the server anyway.