Comodo Firewall and PowerDVD 9 contrast

Hi everyone,

I starded using the Comodo Firewall 10 days ago and I was very happy with it, but sadly I discovered that it has some kind of problem with PowerDVD 9, my favorite Blue-Ray player.
It doesn’t work even if I set the firewall off or if I sign it as “Trusted”.
I had to uninstall.

I know that probably there are others topic on the argument, but I wanted to join the people who want to use both programs, so please find a solution.


You should read this thread, the fix in there solved it for me:

Thank you for the quick answer, but I tried this too, and it didn’t worked for me.
I hope there is a way beacuse I think this is the best firewall right now.

Please check the Defense + logs and see if it flags Power DVD. Can you post a screenshot of the logs? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts.