Comodo firewall and PCI print server - [RESOLVED]

Hello there,

I am new to Comodo Firewall, and have the following problem: I can’t print using my PCI/Planex print server (PCI Mini300+).

My network only uses TCP/IP.

This print server seems a bit special, as I can’t use the standard TCP/IP port feature from Windows to print through it.

I have opened (I think) TCP/UCP/ICMP/IP in/out from my PC to this print server’s IP, but still can’t print.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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Hi jpascal and welcome to the forums
I just followed your link, that thing does everything but pour ■■■■ for you :slight_smile:
Does it print with comodo set to allow all?
What the networking experts (not me) might need is a bit more information.
Copies of relevant sections of the comodo logs when you try to print.
Right click anywhere in the log window and “export html”. You can copy/paste into your post.
Screenshot of your network rules.,6770.msg49566.html#msg49566


If you’re using a networked printer, you have to have a network monitor rule that will allow unimpeded communication. Go to Security/Tasks/Create a Zone. Define the range to include your computer and (at minimum) the printer; give it a name. Then go to Security/Tasks/Define a New Trusted Network. Use the Zone you created. This will add two rules to the Network Monitor. First will allow IP Out from Any to Zone. Second will Allow IP In from Zone to Any. This will allow your printer to be identified on the network, and connected thereto.

You may need to add your printserver .exe to the Application Monitor as well.


Sullo: yes I can print when I set Comodo Firewall to “Allow all” - and actually because I don’t need to print that many documents, that’s the workaround I use now.

Little Mac: I wish I could make things work without having to create a new Zone. I am MIS for my company, and I want Comodo Firewall to help me finding unwanted application (virus, malware) → I don’t want Comodo to trust what’s happening on my LAN.

I put some of the files that came with this printer server (.exe and .dll) into the application monitor and the component monitor, but I guess some of them were installed in the Windows or Windows/system32 directory, and I don’t know which ones, so I can’t add them to any monitor.

I’ll try to contact Planex / PCI about this issue.

Many thanks for your kind help,


It works!

I went back to the “Network control rules” tab, to understand that I allowed any communication to go from my Pc to the print server, but I did not allow the print server to “talk” with my PC.

I had created some rule for my PC → print server IP, and was missing a set of rules for Print server IP → any destination.



Great to hear you found the solution.


Great, glad to hear it, Jean-Pascal. The topic is marked as resolved, and closed. If you find you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.