Comodo Firewall and Outlook 2003

I’m having issues were Outlook 2003 spk3 stops responding when the firewall is up. I have all patches installed forn Win XP and Office 2003.

when Outlook freezes, I exit the firewall and then it works fine.

Any ideas?

Have you defined a new trusted network using the wizard in settings? If not then you should try it.

I seem to remember something about Outlook needing some incoming UDP connections for notification of new mail, perhaps these are being blocked by the default block rule in network settings.


If it stops responding and there are no popups, my guess is that you have modified the default Network Monitor rules to restrict Outbound access, and this is conflicting with Outlook’s ability to connect to your servers.

Your logs will have the info you need. Easiest way to isolate it is to first Clear all logs, then run Outlook. When it bogs down, check the logs again (looking at the oldest entry first) and see where the problem lies. We can help with that.