Comodo Firewall and OpenOffice Writer / 100% CPU Usage


I’m having a problem with Comodo Firewall and OpenOffice, it seems either program updated with a new component that the other has trouble dealing with.
When I Start OpenOffice Writer 2.4.1, the splash screen starts and in a few seconds my CPU usage goes to 100% and stalls my PC for almost 5 minutes.
Somewhere I read that it was OpenOffice that came with something that is conflicting with Comodo Firewall, but that there is a workaround. Does anybody know what workaround that is?

Thank You

Link below

Thanks Dennis2

Now can you tell me exactly how to exclude stclient_wrapper.exe in Comodo Firewall?

If you read the thread again you exclude it in Comodo Memory Firewall.

I’ve read the thread but I still don’t see how to get a file into the exclusion list.
Is it adding it to Firewall > Common Tasks > Define a Nwe Trusted Application… ?
Or is it done in a different way.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask this question since I’m fairly new to this Firewall.

Thanks Again!

Are you using Comodo Memory Firewall as well as Comodo Firewall?

I have Comodo Firewall Pro + Defense

It appears you have a different problem because the cure was to exclude stclient_wrapper.exe in Comodo Memory Firewall not Comodo Firewall Pro.

Wow! Now I’m even more confused… Where should I ask for help?
The symptoms are the same as the ones mentioned in the thread you suggested me to read.

Are you running another program which has same function as Comodo Memory Firewall.

Quote from help file:- Comodo Memory Firewall is a buffer overflow detection and prevention tool which provides the ultimate defense against one of the most serious and common attack types on the Internet – the buffer overflow attack.

Not that I know of, I have:

Windows Defender
Nod32 Antivirus
System Mechanic 7.5
Ad-Aware Free

Is there anything in the Defence Logs
Defence+/View Defence+ Events

No, it’s totally blank

Yuriy I believe did not think it was not totally a problem caused by Comodo Memory Firewall but interaction between the two CMF and CFP and you seem to prove it as you do not have CMF installed.

Hopefully Yuriy or one of the other Moderators should have suggestion that will cure your problem.

Please check that it is this file stclient_wrapper.exe that is causing the problem if stop/kill it, does Open Office open and Cpu usage return to normal.

Well it seems that stclient_wrapper.exe is not the problem here. CPU usage was coped with NOD32 and Comodo Firewall Pro. Soffice.exe and soffice.bin took some memory but not that much, mostly RAM. stclient_wrapper.exe never even showed at the top places of CPU usage.

Experimenting a bit more, I found that all 78-90% CPU resources are used by NOD32 antivirus 3, the rest is used by Comodo Firewall Pro.
Nothing I do in Comodo Firewall Pro improves CPU usage nor OpenOffice Writer opens faster.
So, for now, I’ll stop this thread and go to ESET Nod32 for answers.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your help!

Best Regards

It is never a inconvenience sorry we could not help you I tried searching the forum for Nod32 CPF3 conflicts, but could not find anything specific.