Comodo Firewall and Oblivion problem...

While playing Oblivion for maybe 30 minutes my game will minimize to desktop and I catch a quick glimpse of a Comodo icon at the bottom right on the system tray. I thought it might have to do with automatic updates so I disabled them but it still happens. Anyone have a clue? Thanks for any help.

Does the firewall log say anything?

Hello :slight_smile: What other real-time security products are you using Makou107?

I’m using NOD32 and Ad Muncher but again I see the Comodo icon animate then go away. I do have animated system tray icon disabled. It happened just now and highlights the times I think it was, here is the log file.

From your log i see that you haven’t defined a private network yet. For more about this go to,894.0.html and download users manual.
Others users too reported minimizes while playing. Check “minimises game” topic,6910.0.html


Looking through the users manual I could not find how to define a private network. How do I go about doing this?

Hello. Look on Chapter 4>Tasks>Define new trusted network (page 47 of 71) in the Comodo_Firewall_2.3_User_Guide.pdf