Comodo Firewall and NCP Secure Entry Client won't work together [RESOLVED]

today I have tried to build up a VPN Connection with the NCP Secure Entry Client (Remote Access VPN solutions (VPN clients, VPN management, VPN gateway) for IPsec with central Management)
But I have no chance.
At that moment Comodo Firewall is installed my vpn router doesn’t get any packets.
Webtraffic or pings to the Internet are working fine.
At the Comodo Firewall log are no entries.

What can I do?

About my system:

WinXP SP3 fresh install

Installed Software:
Dell Drivers
Broadcom Management Program
Intel Proset Wireless Software
Quick Set from Dell
NCP Secure Entry Client

Comodo without defense+ and without leak protection

I’ve looked at the datasheet for NCP Secure Entry Client at

The technical data on page 2 lists personal firewall as being included with the product. The NCP Client likely didn’t install properly as CFP is already installed. Firewalls and antivirus packages share a characteristic, in that you only run one on a machine. Two or more installed on the smae machine, and things break, or work very strangely.

If you want to use NCP Client, it looks like you’ll need to uninstall CFP.

big thanks to the comodo support team.

Please do the following and let me know if you need any further support.

1.Launch comodo firewall
2.Go to Firewall → Advanced- >Attack Detection settings → Click
‘Miscellaneous’ tab
3.Uncheck the Block fragmented IP datagram check box

Thanks for the feedback, I will lock this one now.