Comodo Firewall and Malware protection

Hej Comodo

I have used Comodos firewall for many years and is very satisfied with its performance. I use it with an Anti Virus Prgrm of an other brand……
Recently someone told me that firewalls and/or Anti Virus Prgrm does not protect against Malwares and I have now found out that Comodo also have this Anti Malware prgrm “BOClean”.
I also found that Comodo offers an “Anti-Malware Database”.

All this creates some questions…Since I have the latest Comodo Firewall 7.0.317799.4142, manually updated today, I wonder:

  1. Shall I install the Anti Malware prgrm from Comoco “BOClean”?
  2. Does BOClean download and update itself with the “Anti-Malware Database” – or do I have to install that separately?

As you now have discovered I know absolutely nothing about what makes PC:s run or what’s under the bonnet. “I only fly the plane” as most pilots say…. That is why I ask silly questions.
Does anyone have an advice?


AFAIK BOClean is now part of Defense+ HIPS module.
Anti-Malware database is a signature database for Comodo AV.

Thanks for your quick response Siketa…
…but I didn’t understand one word of it. :wink:

So I add one more question instead:
• Is it of any benefit to my PC if I install that separate prgrm “BOClean”?


Even if you use only Comodo Firewall, you are protected.
Don’t worry. :wink:
BoClean is built-in Firewall and anti-malware database is in the cloud.

Is it clear now? :slight_smile:

Thankyou Siketa…
…for answering in plain simple English.
Yes, now it’s clear – even for me… :wink:

BR from Scandinavia