Comodo Firewall and Linksys WRT54G router issues...

I have been using Comodo firewall for around 6 months with no issues, however since I bought a Linksys WRT54G router I have been having trouble connecting to the internet (I have Clearwire broadband internet). I followed the installation instructions provided for my router but when I try connecting via wireless connection from my laptop through the router to the internet it won’t go. If I set the security level in Comodo firewall to “Allow All” I can connect, then I can set it back to “Custom” and everything works normally. My cousin has the same router but a different laptop (And Charter cable internet) and has followed the same steps as I have, and he has the exact same problem as I. Is there a setting in Comodo firewall to allow connection via router, or do I have to set “Allow All” every time I want to connect to the internet? Thanks for any help.

Sounds like you may need to define a trusted network for your router. The following posts should help.;msg57637#msg57637;msg39466#msg39466