Comodo Firewall and Lineage 2

Hello all.

No matter what I do the firewall comodo is making my pc crash when I try to run the game Lineage 2.

I’ve read to try setting it to Training mode but no luck with that still crash.

It has something to do with the GameGuard proccess (anticheat system lineage 2 uses).

Anyone had luck with this?

Also I found this post in the official Lineage 2 forums from people who are having the same problem.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi retghy

According to Wikipedia Lineage II runs GameGuard & this is probably the issue. See here (big topic I’m afraid).

Thank you very much Kail for your quick answer. I’m sure that will help.

The strange thing is I play another games that also uses GameGuard (Rakion) and a simple Training Mode Switch works just fine.

It’s possible, although I’ve not checked, that Rakion uses a updated version of GameGuard in which this problem was resolved/patched (see previously cited topic for details)… or, perhaps, Rakion uses a much older version of GameGuard which doesn’t conflict with CFP at all on the rootkit-like issue.