Comodo Firewall and Lavasoft's free Ad-Aware version not recognized

Dear Comodo,

I am writing you to possibly make you aware of a problem. What I am about to describe occurred not only on my different machines at home, but 3 other friends machines as well.

The free version of Comodo firewall cannot or chooses not to recognize Ad-Aware (Lavasoft) as an application program. It is listed nowhere in the Comodo Application Monitor nor is it listed in the Component Monitor. Lavasoft can be completely uninstalled from a Comodo running machine, completely wiped from both system and registry, Comodo itself checked vigorously to see if it is listed anywhere in it, and then reinstalled and nothing happens from Comodo. No pop-up asking for granting permission and/or access, nowhere is it listed in (as mentioned above) in the Application Monitor and/or the Component Monitor.

This anomally occurs no matters how many times both Comodo and Lavasoft are removed and freshly reinstalled.

Quite simply, Lavasoft can do as it please and Comodo is powerless to stop it. If Lavasoft leakes through, what else has been forgotten??? Thankfully, so far, most every appplication we can find is controlled by Comodo (from all browsers, Spybot and all its ilk, Thunderbird and all its ilk, etc.).

Comodo is a great program, but we just wanted to let you know of this anomally. Personally, given that myself and 4 other friends, with completely different machines, have found the same problem, I’m surprised this has not been brought to your attention before.



Hey David,

Check whether you have “Automatically approve applications certified by Comdo” selected. If you do, the network requirements for the app are included in the Comodo certified database, and you won’t see any alerts.

To check this, turn the auto approve option off and change the alert level to HIGH. You should start getting alerts for everything, Adaware included.

Both of these options are found in SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS.

Adaware is NOT, categorically, bypassing the firewall.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: