Comodo Firewall And File Sharing Between PCs on Home Network

I have a problem. My brother and I both have laptops. We have them connected to a router and the router connected to the Bellsouth DSL modem so that we can share the internet connection. The only problem is we cannot seem to be able to share files between the two PCs because Comodo firewall is not letting me do it. With the Windows Firewall I could see his shared folders on My Networks Places but ever since I installed Comodo (a great firewall by the way!) I cannot seem to be able to see his shared folders anymore.

How can I configure Comodo so that it lets me see the folders he has set on “sharing” to share with me through the home network?

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For your brother to be able to access your files, you will need to create a network rule allowing port 445 (inbound). You will also need to do the same on your brothers computer for you to access his files. I think you may also (I’m not sure) need to allow access to ports 137-138 (netbios-ns/dgm) so that you can view the shared folders within window explorer (please correct me if I’m wrong here). When creating these rules, add the other user’s IP address as the remote computer (so this will only take affect for the computers mentioned).


Or you might setup a Trusted Zone, which might take care of it all.


That’s what i did, and it works fine. ;D
Create a trusted zone in CPF on both computers and be sure you have made a network in windows with the same name and settings, and allowing shared folders.

That is alot easier. Totally over looked that option.


hi guys and i have the same problems .

Can someone help me how to setup a trusted zone please

Thanks alot.

Just go to security/tasks and use the wizard “define a new and trusted network”, and just click ok if you don’t want anything special.