Comodo Firewall and CPU High usage makes my Laptop overheat


I recently installed Comodo Firewall after my Norton has expired , alongside of Comodo i use Avast! antivirus free. I have original Windows 7 64bit Home Premium …

So the problem is that cfp.exe ( Comodo Firewall ) constantly use 25 % of CPU or more , laptops fan goes crazy and CPU temps are very hot over 70 celzius .

So is this a bug or or normal usage of Comodo ? But is strange couse im only on one page whit Firefox ( no uTorrent , no nothing ) and CPU goes nutts !!! Thats f…ed up

Tnx for help

Hi and welcome DominiTupac,
No it is not normal.
From the following link please choose which Norton product you had and run the corresponding uninstaller tool following their instructions in case of leftovers.
Norton Removal Tools

I uninstalled Norton Internet Security (trial) whit Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode and than scaned pc whit Comodo System Cleaner and whit CCleaner fixing all registry errors … so im 100 % sure theres nothing left of Norton .

I did this kinda stuff numeros times but never whit problems like this , so im thinking or this version of Comodo Firewall has a bug or somebody maybe is hacking me since im on unsecured neibhours wifi …

Comodo Firewall version is 5.12.252301.2551


Hi DominiTupac,
Check the following FAQs.
Solving High CPU problems
Making other security programs work with CIS

Edit: Norton is well known for leaving stubborn remains IMO.

I will try too uninstall Comodo Firewall , and than install Comodo Internet Security Premium , will be back soon whit report .


Seeing that you have some issues I would suggest running the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products between uninstalling and reinstalling.
Good luck.

Ok , i uninstalled Comodo Firewall cleaned everything behind it Avast! the same … after installing CIS Premium FREE it looks for now that everything is working OK , no big loading of cpu no overheating of cpu …

So probably it was something whit Avast! and Comodo Firewall …

Tnx for help

Thanks for posting back.
Good to hear that all appears to be working properly.