Comodo Firewall and CD games

Hello… New guy here… I recently updated my older Comodo Firewall to v5.0.163652.1142 and set the Defense+ feature to “Safe”. Machine is Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop with external monitor running XP Home SP3

I do not play a lot of games, but do have some older ones on CD with files installed on the internal HDD. I usually exit the firewall I’m playing a game along with some other progs to maximize available memory. After updating, my CFS2 game would not load. The opening screen would come up, go off and that was it. No popups, no flags, nada… Also noticed the CD would not launch when inserted in the drive. My first thought was the CD drive needed cleaning. Did that… No joy. Then I thought… Maybe the CD got damaged… Tried a couple of other games with same problem. I then disabled Defense+ and all games loaded normally… :smiley:

So then I went through the process of adding the relevant files to the “Trusted Files” list in Defense+. All working normal now.

My question regards why there was no indication Defense+ was blocking the games from loading. This took me 2 days to figure out when a simple popup could have told me the firewall was blocking the game and I could have taken appropriate actions. Comodo certainly warns me about any other program I launch. Is there some peculiarity exclusive the CD’s? One also notes exiting the firewall did not allow loading the game before adding them to the trusted files list.

I’d appreciate some insight regarding how Comodo is supposed to handle CD games… Raybro

If the files got sandboxed, and you have disabled “show notifications for automatically sandboxed processes”, that could explain it.

I’ll have to study that one a bit. Sandbox is new to me and am still learning about it. There is plenty of info on this site about it.

Thanks for the reply… Raybro