Comodo Firewall and built-in Windows 8 security

I noticed that, in the Windows 8 Action Center, the section under Security called Spyware and unwanted software protection says “Windows Defender and Comodo Defense+ are both turned on. Note that running more than one anti-spyware application at a time can cause your PC to run slowly.”

Will running Windows Defender and Comodo Firewall together cause performance issues? I know you’re not supposed to simultaneously run multiple anti-virus or multiple anti-spyware programs, but does Defense+ count as one of those?

Hi sometime,

Did you install CIS 5.12;msg617684#msg617684?

Yes, I have 5.12.252301.2551.

Then you should maybe report it in the bug section.

But is it a bug? Is Windows reading Defense+ as an antivirus that is conflicting with Windows defender, which isn’t supposed to happen?

I’m sorry I haven’t been careful enough in reading your post. You’re running CFW and Defense + without CAV. Then there is no reason for CFW to disable Windows Defender and indeed as you say it is probably a misinterpretation of Windows.

I have somewhat similar question. I installed Comodo as firewall only but it did not disable Windows firewall. Should I keep Windows firewall enabled or disabled? I’m on Windows 8 too.

T’s been a while since I used Comodo Firewall, it’s better than I remembered.

You should disable the Windows firewall.

That’s what I kinda though, and did. I wonder why it did not do it though. I assume that putting Domain profile, Private profile and Public profile to off should do it. For some reason control panel does not disable domain profile without going to advanced settings.