Comodo Firewall and BHODemon

BHODemon does not update correctly or send BHO reports even with Comodo Firewall set to “Allow All”. Can someone please help me out with this? I’m not sure if it is BHODemons fault or Comodo Firewalls.


Welcome to the Forums, Shizuo!

I bet BHODemon is being blocked by CPF in some way…

Let’s try this:

Go to Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications (lower right corner). Follow the prompts.

Reboot your computer to clear out any previous temporary blocks and set the new Apps.

Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and make sure the top two boxes are checked (Enable Alerts, and Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo).

Stop and Restart CPF: Rt-click systray icon, choose Exit; follow prompts to close. This stops it. Go to Start/Programs/Comodo/Firewall/Comodo Firewall to restart.

Now see if BHODemon can function normally. If you get a popup alert for it, check “Remember” and click Allow.

See what that does for you, and post back to let me know…


Thanks for the fast reply. I followed your instructions and tried again and received the same error message. I am pretty sure it is BHODemons fault.

Thanks again,

Sorry to hear that didn’t resolve it.

If you go to Security/Application Monitor, is BHODemon listed there?

If it is not, you can click to Add a new application, browse for BHODemon’s executable, click “Learn Parent”, then “Allow” then okay (you can skip the remainder of the information so as not to disallow it inadvertantly).

Reboot (it’s a pain, I know, but it’s the guaranteed way to clear the memory and set the new rule).

Then see what you get.

If BHODemon is already in the Application Monitor, then I’m not sure what to tell you. From the CPF side, everything would seem to be covered. The only remaining thing would be to check the Activity Logs for any blocks related to BHO’s connection attempt. Clicking the log entry and looking at the details (at the bottom of the window; you can scroll to read all the info) will show what Network Rule is blocking the attempt. My thought in this regard (which I really find unlikely) is that it’s trying to use either a specific port to communicate on, or some type of IP communication protocol that’s being blocked. But I would really expect it to be pretty standard…

Anyway, check out the App Rules and see what you have there, regarding BHO…


This problem was not CPFs fault. BHODemon now works perfectly. The problem was before the file being requested by BHODemon from update server was 404.

Thank you very much for the help.

Glad that worked out for you, shizuo ;D

Thanks for the follow up, to update…