Comodo Firewall and AVG Anti-Virus 7.5 Pro

I’ve been trying out Comodo Firewall 2.4, but have run into a snag. It won’t permit my routine AVG Anti-Virus Pro updates. Am I missing something, is there a workaround – or is this a bug?

By the way, I use XP SP2

Hi, (:WAV)

You just have to grant the AVG updater Internet access. I used AVG and CFP for a time so I know there should be no problems. Don’t you see popups? If so, click allow with “remember” enabled. If there are no popups, likely you blocked AVG with remember at some time. Then go to CFP’s Application Monitor, look for any rules concerning AVG’s programs, edit them and change from block to allow. You can recognize AVG’s apps by the icon, also by the filepath if necessary.

Thanks for the input. No, I don’t have any popups - just an AVG “error” message indicating that it wasn’t able to update. However, I’'ll go through and check everything you suggested. Thanks again.

Hi, This isn’t so much a reply as a reinforcement of TomAZ’s original question. I suspect that this may actually be more of an AVG problem than a CPF one but it does point towards an incompatibility between the two and I can’t get to register on the AVG forum because of it.

Mine were working fine until a couple of weeks ago but now the AVG auto update fails every time with the ‘server name cannot be converted to the IP address’ error message even with the CPF security level set to Allow All and all the AVG components avgamsvr, avgcc, avgemc, avginet & avgw set to Allow and ‘Skip advanced security checks’ ticked.

One thing that suggests an AVG problem is that I uninstalled 7.5.488 and installed an old version 7.5.432 - when I clicked Update on this everything was fine and it downloaded & installed masses of updates until it got to 7.5.446; 269.13.30/1030 which was the latest database version but an intermediate prog version. Clicking Update again caused it to update the prog to the latest 7.5.488 but now nothing will work again. Manual AVG updates work ok but any attempt to use the auto route results in no action from the CPF icon, no CPF Popups and AVG just times out with the error message. However, it does seem to sometimes trigger a CPF Update search but that could just be a coincidence!?

I have searched both this and the AVG forum and tried almost everything that has been suggested with no success so am now appealing for some assistance from anyone, please. Did TomAZ get sorted?

My system OS Win2K Pro, CPF databse version 3.0, AVG Free 7.5.488

Hi, Alan18 . . . this is the same exact problem I was experiencing – never could get it resolved. Finally, I uninstalled Comodo and went back to the firewall I had been previously using (Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0) . Outpost works great, but it’s not a free version.

Make sure the components I’ve ringed in red are all set to “Allow”.

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If you set CFP to “Allow All” (Security Level) and AVG is still unable to update, it is not a CFP issue.

If reverting to a previous firewall does allow it to work, then my conclusion would be:

  1. There were remnants of the old FW left after uninstall; these frequently happen and cause strange conflicts.

  2. There was a conflict that occurred during CFP’s installation, from other active security software; it is best, whenever possible, to uninstall & install these types of applications in SafeMode to minimize the risk of such conflicts. (and run a registry cleaner in between to clear out any residue…)


:BNC Yippee, it’s all working again!

Zito, Thanks for the suggestion - I checked your list and they were all Allowed in my CFP except one, avgse.dll, but adding that made no difference.

Little Mac, I had been using CA EZ Armor (Vet antivirus & ZA4.5 firewall) until it got so far past the 1 year free licence renewal date that it all stopped and wouldn’t reinstall which is when I changed to AVG Free & CFP. I uninstalled the old firewall from Control Panel and the new progs were fine until the AVG update keeled over. Following your suggestion I looked more carefully and found quite a lot of the EZ Armor was still in place including an uninstaller - running that removed most of the ZA residue and appears to have fixed my problem so very many thanks for that vital pointer. Really great help.

TomAZ, Maybe this was something to do with your problem, too? Thanks for posting the original question which at least confirmed it wasn’t just me and led to the solution.

Well done, chaps, much appreciated.


can you ask AVG if comodo is certified for the scanner?

plse report



Hi meier 12

Not sure I quite understand your question - does anyone else? There are several posts on the AVG forum from people who use / have been using AVG & Comodo together successfully but of course they all some problems now - why else would they post on a help forum? Have you looked yourself?

BTW, my AVG just did a scheduled update all by itself so I’m still happy!


Glad Zito’s suggestion worked for you, alan18!



I’m afraid it didn’t - it was your suggestion about remnants of old firewalls that was the vital clue!

Thanks again.


re, hi

well its said deinstall anything and install “any” firewall and then reinstall all,

hmmm nice idea if one have no life.

so id suggested, if common virscanner “know” a firewall, eg. comodo, virscanner have a trap open to let preload a firewall, since of history a virscanner was the general allow disallow installer.

correct me if im wrong or my loopy way of thinking is :slight_smile:

remeber times you had deinstall virscan for like install vga driver, etc, etc, while the time virscanners got know trusted driver installing,

so my guess was, is comodo known to major virscan writers.

however i have read problem solved due old traces of old app.

i just did post for politeness




Some security applications install drivers into the system to help reduce the amount of CPU they consume; if they work at a lower level in the system, they can be more “invisible” to the user.

However, for some reason this sometimes seems to cause conflicts with some (or all) other security applications. A recent example of this was the Kaspersky AV (and the free AOL variant); it conflicted with almost every firewall (including CFP) in a way that rendered the FW completely inoperable to most users that experienced the problem. Comodo was made aware of the problem and has taken steps with v3 to make sure it is not susceptible to the problem.

Installing & uninstalling these applications in SafeMode frequently helps avoid these types of conflicts (since the drivers won’t be running in SafeMode). But that’s not a guarantee. If you check the “Release Notes” of a product, it may indicate when certain problems are resolved for known software conflicts.

As far as other software vendors being aware of Comodo firewall, I’d hazard the guess that they are quite aware of CFP’s existence (especially if they also make a firewall). Given Comodo’s growing popularity, I’m sure they will start taking more and more notice…