Comodo Firewall and Avast7

Hi, just wanted to check if there are any other Comodo Firewall and Avast7 users here that are experiencing a similar situation as mines. With Avast7, the Comodo Firewall is not blocking traffic. For example, I have firewall set to custom policy so that programs always ask for permission to access the internet. With Avast7 update today, I noticed that Comodo Firewall would still ask if you would like to grant access to a program to access the internet. However, even if I were to pick “Block this request” the program would still be able to access the internet and load the website or download updates. For a program such as Internet Explorer, webpages like google and amazon would load perfectly fine even when I specifically chose to “Block this attempt”. Even if I were to add the program as a “Blocked Application” it could still access the internet. The only way to truly block it is to “Block All” in the firewall or disable Avast7’s webshield. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

Install avast as a second line of defence using “compatible install” during installation

No, this is for having it as a secondary opinion to a running guard antivirus. In compatibillity mode, the guard of avast is off!

There is allready a topic about this in the firewall section. But its important to be announced. Basically you would not be protected against leaks… and who knows if you are protected against incoming…

Its somehow scary how this can happen. And everyone who doesnt read it here, is in danger after a default update.

Well, avast! WebShield works like a local proxy scanning all the internet traffic.
I don’t know how Comodo Firewall manage the request or the “Custom mode” works, but I can’t see the leak from avast! side as it is the antivirus and not the firewall. The outbound request should be caught by the firewall and not by avast! free antivirus.
Are you sure you did not change any Comodo firewall setting that allow all traffic from applications being scanned by avast! Web Shield?

avast as a second line of defence using “compatible install” during installation doesnt have that issue maybe its only with full avast and could be some drivers issue

I won’t call an issue… if anything is bypassing the firewall or HIPS… (what is not the case as far I can see, the problem would be on users settings imho).

I have exactly the same problem

The problem also affects the software Online Armor, but no other firewall as Look’n Stop or PC Tool Firewall.
The question was asked on the forum Avast, but without response.
I can not find the compatibility mode in version 7 of Avast.

I put the version 6 for proper operation

I have the same problem. I didn’t notice it though until I read about it here.
Deactivating Avasts Webshield seems to fix the problem.
Very very scary, and a lot of people will not even notice it!

So, whats the better interim solution til this gets fixed by either Avast or Comodo?

Going back to Avast 6? But where to get it, i don’t have the installer anymore.
Or disabling the Avast 7 Webshield?
The filesystem scanner will scan all data the browser(s) save to disk anyway, so no huge loss of safety here, or am I wrong?

Thanks for pointing out this issue in the first place, and thanks for all possible solutions that might come up!

As you can see in the pictures is a pretty serious problem. Outpost works fine with avast.

It is only available in (and during) an installation from scratch.

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